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Requesting Places & Subject List

In any given year the process for individual schools to approach the West London Teaching School Alliance (WLTSA) to request teacher training places, occurs in May/June, for WLTSA then to amalgamate all these individual requests and submit them to DfE by end June, with a view to start recruiting in Sept/October for training places for the following academic year.

We have recently emailed all our partner schools with key information and a booking form for them to request trainees for the 18-19 cohort.  The internal deadline for this form to be returned is 16 June 2017.

We are very happy to work with other schools beyond our current partner schools and if you would like to request trainees for the 2018-19 cohort (or simply to discuss how this all works), please email Alex Dijkhuis on or telephone her on 0208 748 7600 (asking for the Teaching School Office).

We have been advised by DfE to proceed for the time being under the assumpton that both salaried and unsalaried school direct routes will be available for the 2018-19 cohort but there is a possibility that there may be an announcement before the end of term about a new apprenticeship route that may replace salaried.

We will keep all our schools informed about this possible new route when details become available and it will be possible for you to amend your request for places in that context, if necessary.

There is no cost for requesting places and there is no charge levied by WLTSA to our partner schools for the support we provide to you.  We recoup our costs from money received from universities and the EFA.  We pass money to partner schools in the training year if they have recruited a trainee through us (both on salaried and unsalaried programmes).

It is commonly far harder (and sometimes impossible) to request additional places after the initial deadline in June 2017, but if you miss this deadline do please still get in touch (using the email link above) and we will do whatever we can to help you.

The following subjects can be requested:

 Art and Design with UCL (IOE)

 Geography with UCL (IOE)

 Biology with St Mary’s

 History with St Mary’s

 Business with UCL (IOE)

 Maths with St Marys

 Chemistry with St Mary’s

 Modern Languages with St Marys

 Citizenship* with UCL (IOE)

 Music with UCL (IOE)

 Computer Science with UCL (IOE)

 Physics with St Marys

 Design & Technology  with Roehampton

 Physics with Maths* with UCL (IOE) but  unsalaried only

 Drama* with St Marys

 Psychology* with UCL (IOE)

 Economics* with UCL (IOE)

 Religious Education with St Marys

 English with St Mary’s

 PE with St Marys

 English with Drama* with UCL (IOE ) but  unsalaried only

 Social Science* with UCL (IOE)


*these subjects prove less popular and, although WLTSA will support the application and training year, we are not able to organise a second placement