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How To Apply & How to choose more than 1 school on a course

All applications must be made online through UCAS.



We anticipate that UCAS will open for applications in mid October 2019, for 2020-21 courses. You will need to register on UCAS and then complete your application form, including contact details for two referees.

The first time you apply, you will be able to select three choices.  This could be three WLTSA courses or could include courses with other providers. This process is called ‘Apply 1’.  If you are unsuccessful from all three choices (which includes if you withdraw from them) then you are free to apply again, as many times as you like, but now you can only make one choice at a time.  This process is called ‘Apply 2’.

When selecting your course choices you will need to enter the Provider Name and then the subject, then the specific course code and (with us) you can then select your host school.


For each of the three courses that you apply for, UCAS will first ask you who the ‘provider’ is.  We have so many partner schools that we have to divide artificially on UCAS into three ‘provider’ names to divide up our programmes:

West London Teaching School Alliance (Primary Roehampton) All our salaried and unsalaried primary programmes partnered with Roehampton University.  (Provider Code 1EL)

West London Teaching School Alliance (Primary St Mary’s) All our salaried and unsalaried primary programmes partnered with St Mary’s University, Twickenham.  (Provider Code 2H3)

West London Teaching School Alliance (Secondary) All our salaried and unsalaried secondary programmes partnered with St Mary’s University, Roehampton University and UCL  (Provider Code 2BV)

Rest assured that we operate as one single organisation – the West London Teaching School Alliance


UCAS asks you to enter the first letter of the subject you wish to train in.  For primary, the subject is ‘Primary’ or 'Primary with Maths', etc.


Once you have selected the subject, you may then see more than one programme – be sure to select the one with the correct course code.  You may need to click into it to see the course code. Hopefully you would already know the course code that you were looking for. Course codes can be found most easily in our course vacancies table and on the front of all our course documents accessed through the table.  If you want to look wider, you can also use the DfE's 'Find a Postgraduate Teacher Training Courses' portal (just search for it online, it will say in the title).


Once you have selected the course, you can then select the school from a drop-down list that we have established.  When selecting one school, this is very straightforward but if you want to select two or even three schools on one course, see below for instructions.

What if I want to select more than one school on one course?

You are absolutely allowed to select (if you wish) three separate host schools within the same course code, but the UCAS portal doesn’t have the technical capacity to enable you to do this. 

We have a solution, which candidates have used with us for years, but it is a little scary and if you prefer to do this with us over the phone, that’s fine!

0208 748 7600 ask for the Teaching School Office.

1.      First select your course code and choose one of the schools that you want – and that’s one choice.

2.      Then select two of our OTHER WLTSA courses within the same WLTSA provider, knowing that you are not interested in these other two courses.

3.      Submit the application for all three courses, but also email Pippa Currey ( to ask for your applications for those two other WLTSA courses to be transferred across to the course that you prefer, with the schools that you prefer.  We can do this from here at the touch of a button and it will then reflect properly on UCAS for you to see at your end.

Do contact us if you like when doing this, and we can guide you through it if necessary.