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Overseas Quals & GCSE Equivalency

Advice for those with overseas qualifications, and those who for whatever reason do not hold the required GCSE level qualifications


If you studied outside of the UK for your Maths and English qualifications and/or your degree, you should visit the National Academic Recognition Centre (NARIC) website to find out whether your qualifications are of an equivalent level to UK GCSEs, and an honours undergraduate degree.

After application, our partner university may be able to help establish equivalency issues for some qualifications from some countries that they commonly deal with (see contact details below) but for many applicants they might still need to refer you back to NARIC.

Non UK qualifications can often cause an unnecessary delay in us being able to consider your application and the earlier that equivalency can be confirmed, the better for you.



It is imperative that you clarify exactly what equivalency tests you need to take (if any at all) in discussion with the relevant accrediting university for the WLTSA course that you are applying for, see details and guidance below.  We have Primary courses run in partnership with two different universities (St Mary’s Twickenham and University of Roehampton).   Each university has its own rules about which equivalency tests they can and cannot accept.

Often, taking an equivalency test may be a better option than simply enrolling for the GCSE because you would normally get the equivalency test result sooner.

Please note that frequently, English Language qualifications taken in countries where English is not the first language, will not be equivalent to the UK English Language GCSE. 



School Direct Admissions Coordinator: Shuet Kwan Tang


Tel: 020 8240 2367

See also: St Mary’s GCSE Equivalency Tests

St Mary’s will also accept an IELTS text at 6.5 in place of an English Language GCSE, but it depends on your circumstances.



School Direct Admissions Office: Alexander or Luke


Tel: 020 8392 3165 / 3638

Roehampton does not offer GCSE equivalency tests. They accept the equivalency tests in Science (the single Science Biology and the combined), Mathematics and English offered by Equivalency Testing. Please contact Equivalency Testing directly via their website.

If you hold non-UK qualifications please send in clear scanned copies of your school and degree level qualifications to (copied to  This will allow us to process your UCAS application as quickly as possible and ensure that you are eligible for the programme.