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Primary Finance


  • WLTSA pays the university fees.                                                                                                                                                        
  • The host school employs the trainee throughout the training programme, paying them a salary and trainees are therefore not entitled to bursaries or student loans.                                                                                                                                                              
  • Trainee salaries are commonly (and cannot be lower than) Point 1 on the ‘Unqualified Teacher Pay Range’ which is revised yearly but is not yet published for 2018-19.  The level for 2017-18, for a school in Inner London is £20,900


The trainee pays the university tuition fees of £9,250

  • For the 2018-19 cohort, the government is providing no bursaries at all for those on general primary programmes but is paying £6,000 tax free for those on Primary with Maths programmes for which you need a good grade at A-Level Maths.  Please check the bursaries table on the DfE's Get into Teaching website for eligibility for the 'Primary with maths' bursaries and also generally for student loan information.   
  • To compensate for the minimal government bursaries for primary, WLTSA believes that it is unique in providing several general primary and 'with maths' programmes (marked on the vacancies table as Group A programmes) which additionally come with a bursary from the host school.  Please see the relevant programme information documents (linked through the green buttons on our vacancy page) for further details about these school bursaries which range from £2,000 to £10,000.
School  Bursary
Ashburnham Community School, SW10 £4,500 & £9,000
Avonmore Primary School, W14 £4,500 & £9,000
Barnes Primary School £4,500 & £9,000
Barlby Primary School, W10 £6,000
Bevington Primary School, W10 £6,000
Bousfield Primary School, SW5 £8,000
Colville Primary School, W11 £4,000
Earl's Court Free School Primary, W6 £6,000
Fox Primary School, W8 £4,500 & £9,000
Kensington Primary Academy £6,000
Oratory Primary School, SW3 £2,000
Randolph Beresford Early Year's Centre, W12 £4,000
St Clement & St James CE Primary, W11 £6,000
St James & St John CE Primary, W2 £6,000
St Mary of the Angels Catholic Primary, W2 £3,000
St Peter's CE Primary, W9 £6,000
Thomson House School £10,000
Vanessa Nursery School, W12 £4,000
West London Free School Primary, W6 £6,000