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Interview Dates

All applications for WLTSA courses are considered by the school that you identified in your application, in collaboration with WLTSA centrally and the university.  The administration of this process all takes place through the WLTSA Teaching School Office (0208 748 7600).   The process is different depending on which university accredits the course and we include details below relating to our courses accredited by St Mary's, Roehampton and UCL.



For all unsalaried and salaried courses, there is a two stage interview.  Once you have been shortlisted we ask the university to invite you to the first stage interview (at the university).  We email you to confirm the date of the university interview and all the arrangements for the second stage (school) interview. Once a school vacancy fills, no more interviews are held for that school.

First Stage Interview Dates are set in advance across the year.  

These are normally 8.30am to 12.30pm with the exception of PE which starts at 8.00am


1       Thursday 17th October 2019

2       Tuesday 29th October 2019                   

3       Thursday 7th November 2019

4       Tuesday 19th November 2019

5       Monday 25th November 2019

6       Tuesday 3rd December 2019

7       Tuesday 10th December 2019

8       Tuesday 17th December 2019

9       Thursday 9th January 2020                  

10     Tuesday 14th January 2020

11     Tuesday 21st January 2020

12     Thursday 30th January 2020

13     Thursday 6th February 2020

14     Thursday 13th February 2020

15     Wednesday 26th February 2020    

16     Wednesday 4th March 2020

17     Monday 16th March 2020

18     Tuesday 24th March 2020

19     Wednesday 1st April 2020

20     Monday 6th April 2020              

21     Tuesday 21st April 2020

22     Wednesday 29th April 2020

23     Monday 11th May 2020

24     Wednesday 20th May 2020

25     Wednesday 10th June 2020

26     Wednesday 1st July 2020

27     Wednesday 15th July 2020

28     Wednesday 5th August 2020

29     Monday 24th August 2020


The second stage interview (at the school) take place approx. 3 to 4 days after the first stage interview, depending on the availability of relevant staff.



One interview in the host school. These interviews are arranged on an ad hoc basis, as needed depending when applications come in, until each vacancy is filled. The university join us for these interviews.



These courses have a two stage interview.  Once you have been shortlisted the first interview takes place at the host school without the university present. These interviews are arranged on an ad hoc basis, as needed depending when suitable applications come in.

Any successful candidate from the school interview is then invited to attend an interview at the university. The university interviews take place within 15 days of the referral from the school interview.