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Overseas Qualifications

See below for what to do if you are seeking advice after you have applied, or if you are seeking advice before you apply.


After you have applied for teacher training, our partner university may be able to help establish the equivalency of your degree and maths and English qualifications by themselves. They will prioritise such advice for actual applicants, rather than just generally for anyone.

When you have applied, please email scans of your degree and transcript to the university accrediting the course,

copying in WLTSA

The university will need to establish whether your degree is equivalent to a UK Honours degree (as opposed to an Ordinary degree) and also the level (grade) you achieved in UK terms.  They might be able to do this without a NARIC certificate but if you have one, include it in the email as this will speed up the process.  If the university respond that they need a NARIC certificate and you have not yet applied for one, the DfE may be able to help - on the DfE Get into Teaching website's funding page there is a footnote to the bursaries table that states:

'Contact us on 0800 389 2500 and we can provide you with guidance on your equivalent qualifications and a free UK NARIC statement of comparability (this usually costs £49.50 plus VAT) once you've submitted your application to teacher training, if required by your training provider'

We know already that English Language qualifications taken in countries where English is not the first language, will not be equivalent to the UK English Language GCSE. You will need to take an equivalency test in English but you do not have to do this before you apply. See our separate tab about equivalency tests.

In many countries, exams taken in Maths could be considered equivalent to a UK GCSE but it very much depends on your score.  For example, simply showing an International Baccalaureate certificate is not enough.  We would need the transcript to see the score.  If your maths qualification was not deemed by the university to be equivalent to a maths GCSE, then you would need to take a maths equivalency test. Please see our separate tab about equivalency tests.

If you need to take both Maths and English equivalency tests, this may be quite a burden -please speak to us for advice.


If you are trying to establish equivalency for your degree and Maths and English qualifications, you can do this through the National Academic Recognition Centre (NARIC).