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WLTSA 'Get into Teaching' talk - online!

WLTSA INFORMATION SESSIONS - Now available online!

Before schools were closed and social distancing was introduced, we hosted information sessions about how to get into teaching, every two weeks for anyone considering applying to us for either primary or secondary teacher training.  This information session has now been recorded with the slideshow and if you request it by email (see below) we will send you the link to it.

This presentation is useful to anyone considering getting into teaching whether for primary or secondary.  It explains the significance of the different qualifications and of different types of course provider. It looks at how the finance works on both salaried and unsalaried courses including information about bursaries and student loans, applications and interviews. It also shows you where to find key information and how you can get one to one advice from us on the phone.  

We can then answer your queries and talk you through our vacancy list, advising you about your best options.  

There is absolutely no requirement for you to have listened to this presentation before applying but if you are confused about how teacher training all works, do listen - feedback from candidates suggests it has made things so much clearer for them.

How to request the link to our WLTSA 'Get into Teaching' Audio Slideshow:

Please email Pippa Currey on

It's the same presentation whether you are interested in primary or secondary but it would be helpful if you mention which phase (and for secondary, which subject) you are interested in.  Don't worry about that if you don't know yet!