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Alliance Schools


There are several different levels at which your school can engage with WLTSA and there is no membership fee. You may simply want to be kept on a mailing list to be notified of courses, meetings or other opportunities.

You may alternatively want to join our termly SLT steering group and get more involved, you could volunteer for your school to host a good practice network with our support; you could volunteer to offer shadowing opportunities or make suggestions about other useful collaborations. You may want to send staff regularly to our strategic CPD group to suggest and help plan coordinated programmes; or your school may wish to get involved in our R&D group.

You may wish to join our School Direct programme to recruit trainees for your school who you can (if you wish) retain as NQTs with no further interview. You could use this to grow your own staff, perhaps taking on teaching assistants or LSAs with a specific plan to later train them up as teachers.

It is this School Direct element which requires us to set up a formal partnership agreement with schools that take part because they will be working with us to recruit and to deliver training. These formalised partner schools are listed below and are shown on the interactive map at the bottom of this page. Some of these schools are involved with us in a variety of other ways beyond School Direct, hosting networks, offering shadowing opportunities, participating at steering group meetings.

We have a particularly close relationship with Fox Primary School who deliver a huge range of Primary CPD for the alliance and who act as one of our strategic lead primaries for ITT. Larmenier & Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School acts as another strategic lead primary for ITT.