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GCSE Equivalency Tests

The government, rather than the university or WLTSA, set a requirement that anyone undertaking primary teacher training must have a C or above in GCSE English, maths and a science, or the equivalent.  If you are unsure whether your own qualifications (perhaps from another country) meet this requirement, please see our overseas qualifications tab.

If you achieved a GCSE grade below a C or your qualification from another country is not equivalent to a GCSE Grade C, then you will need to take an equivalency test in the relevant subject.

It is far better to take an equivalency test, where you would get the results within a couple of weeks than to actually enrol in a GCSE because GCSE results are not available until August by which time course and schools will be closed.  


Firstly, please do not just assume that some non-GCSE exam that you took in the UK in English or Maths is equivalent to a GCSE even if the examining body tells you it is equivalent. You must check with the university.  Equally do not just assume that anything marketed as an GCSE equivalency test is acceptable. Every accrediting university will have specific requirements about what they will accept as an equivalent -see more detail below.



Please note that for primary applications St Mary's University require you to have at least two out of the three GCSE's (or equivalent qualifications) before application.  Please use the link below to St Mary's University's Equivalency testing options webpage, which clarifies that they accept online tests through 'Birmingham City University' or 'Equivalency Testing.Com' as well as tests in London test centres open Monday - Friday 9am -7pm through 'A Star'.

St Mary’s will also accept an Academic IELTS text at 6.5 in place of an English Language GCSE, but it depends on your circumstances.

St Marys are also likely to re-open their own equivalency test centre at the university from September and Equivalency Testing may also reopen its test centres subject to the Covid situation.



Roehampton will accept equivalency tests offered by Equivalency Testing and A Star Equivalency who have test centres open in London. Equivalency Testing may also reopen its test centres subject to the Covid situation.