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Research & Development

We coordinate a WLTSA Research and Development Board which schools are free to join. This led by Freddie Adu (Headteacher) and Caroline Bulmer both from Queensmill School and it meets termly with support provided by our external research consultant  Dr Catherine Carroll of UCL.

The board can make external funding bids to support research across the different schools within the alliance and carries our research relevant to WLTSA schools.

The board currently has five schools as regular attenders but is keen to attract more.

For those who wish to be involved but who are unable to join the board, schools can also alternatively identify an R&D champion for WLTSA. This SLT member would not need to attend board meetings but would be used by the board on occasion as a contact point to ask questions regarding the need for particular types of research or to provide feedback on issues currently being researched.

Research will be disseminated across WLTSA schools and beyond.

If you would like your school to be represented on our R&D Board, or if you would like to identify an R&D Champion from your school, please contact